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February Resolutions - Still Going Strong?

They say that by now most of us have left our New Year’s Resolutions in the dust. Here’s one I’m still working on that will help me in the office. If you’re visiting our website to get ideas for your next Fergus Falls vacation, just think how much more relaxing that vacation will be if you aren’t worrying about what’s going on at work. These time-eaters – once eliminated – can help us work more efficiently and effectively.

1. Return phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours.

2. Don’t judge ideas too quickly. They may not be good – but take the time to determine whether or not there is a useful nugget anyhow.

3. File – monthly. Do you have a nice big pile? It’s not like wine – it won’t get better with time. So do it monthly and it’s less overwhelming.

4. Clean your office – Your work environment affects your attitude and mental capacities. Make it a place you look forward to going.

5. Read – If you’re like me you receive several industry-related publications weekly. But reading business pubs shouldn’t be considered a luxury. It’s a way to get new ideas, keep up on the trends, look at what the competition is doing. Designate a certain time each week to keep current with reading.

6. Limit Web Surfing – If you need to be online for work, pick a couple of specific times each day to have those browsers open. This minimizes the temptation to check facebook or watch a silly video.

7. TRAF – Got piles on your desk? To help get organized use the TRAF method: touch each item only once and either Toss, Read, Act or File (see 3. and 5. above).

8. Unsubscribe to e-mail you don’t want – Do you regularly delete (without reading) junk e-mails? Yet I bet they keep coming. Instead, take the time to get rid of them permanently; scroll to the bottom of the e-mail and do whatever it takes to “unsubscribe me…”

9. Have lunch with a friend – noontime meetings are popular (and so is letting the dog out). But it’s good to connect with friends to refresh and rejuvenate. A busy family means evening personal time can be rare. Occasionally use the lunch hour to stay in touch with friends and family who are important to you.

10. Put a tickler on your calendar when deadlines loom – Even if you work better under pressure, put a deadline on your calendar at least a week ahead of time (sooner for the big projects). When it pops up, it’s a good reminder and gets your wheels turning well before the due date.

Just imagine what you can do with all this extra time and productivity. Now that gets me thinking….