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Sweet Dreams

If springtime is the awakening of Mother Nature and all things bright, energized, flamboyant and exciting, then autumn must be that time just before slumber when we’re winding down, relaxing and “nesting” as we prepare for winter.

It’s during this time we are anticipating the shorter days, cooler – even cold nights, less green – more browns, golds and reds and eventually the nakedness of our trees and gardens. Bring out the favorite woolen blankets; put away the open-toed shoes; find some new crock-pot recipes and mow the grass just a little bit shorter.

We all wind down a little differently. And embracing autumn – even after the leaves have dropped – brings ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Fishing is quieter but hunting is more bountiful. Swimming is chillier but a bonfire on the beach is delightful. The monarchs and most birds have gone south, but our Trumpeter Swans remain, thankful for the warmth of the Otter Tail River just below the Hoot Lake Plant.

A late afternoon bike ride on the Central Lakes Trail will be quieter than usual but just as beautiful - remembering gloves would be a good idea. Reward yourself with a brick-oven pizza and locally made beer afterwards. A motorcycle ride is brisk but the Otter Trail Scenic Byway by car still delights visitors with tidbits of history. The coffee shops have pulled in their side-walk tables but the steaming of milk for a delicious latté hisses like an angry radiator.

Downtown Fergus Falls beckons with new storefronts, rotating art exhibits, gallery events, and live performances. Music, dance and comedy push away the restful tendency and delight us with the talent of travelling thespians. Did we once dream of being a dancer? A poet? An athlete? A painter? It’s not too late. And at occasional “Paint and Sip” classes we can try our hand at creating something we’re proud to share – or maybe we aren’t. But the fun is in learning something new and doing it with friends.

Add a book to your private library and don’t feel one bit guilty for lingering in the local bookstore while you peruse the book jackets of the new releases. Poke around one of the antique stores to find a treasure that reminds you – or someone you love – of a special time or place.  

Outside the farmers are busy bringing in the sugar beets and soybeans. The local farmers market explodes with every variety of squash, greens, beans, carrots and more. Pick up a few pumpkins and carve them as Halloween approaches.

For specific ideas about your upcoming visit this fall, check our web site and calendar at www.VisitFergusFalls.com