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Winter Busy-ness

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us. Decorating the house with favorite ornaments; shopping for just that special gift; baking is especially rewarding at our house now that the kids join in –lefse and Grandma’s caramels are family favorites. Winter’s late arrival means the lights outside went up without a hitch. 

While there’s lots of hype about Black Friday and Cyber Monday (now past) local specialty shops offer treasures out of the ordinary. In Fergus Falls some of those include Sam Norman Ceramics, Terroir Chocolate, Falls Baking and Stumbeano’s Coffee. Bookstores, gift shops and the museum also offer unique and local gift ideas.

Thoughtful gifts also include a service or personal help – like taking someone out for coffee, shoveling a driveway, babysitting; we gift caramels (and the lefse). Bake an heirloom cookie recipe – and share the recipe! Is there someone who has trouble addressing their Christmas cards or letters? Offer to do that for them. Kids can make homemade Christmas ornaments or cards (save previous years’ cards and incorporate the front panel as a new card).

Visiting family and friends is another highlight of the year. Be sure to look at local weather before hitting the road. Pack up the winter weather survival gear (just in case) and have your cell phone handy. Since Fergus Falls is right on I-94 in western Minnesota, travelers find us an easily accessible destination. Sometimes MnDOT will close the freeway if travel conditions are unsafe. In that instance, our hotel community is located off Exit 54 and provides safe refuge from the storm.

During Christmas break with family is a great time to explore local cross country ski opportunities, go snowmobiling, and stroll along the cobblestone Riverwalk. Grab a cup of chai tea and sit by the fireplace in a local coffee shop. Can you be intentional about spending time together?

When the tree is down, gifts tucked away (or exchanged J), sweet treats have been devoured (time to renew that gym membership?) then it’s time to relax. Reflect on the holidays, unwind and make yourself a priority. Find serenity and peacefulness in the music you listen to, books you read (just for fun now, nothing too deep), and places you visit.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.