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February - Go Ahead and Take That Leap!

Happy Leap Year! Have you missed that extra day for the past three years? Do you have something special planned for February 29th?

There are some noteworthy traditions and lore surrounding leap year. One is that it’s a day when women can propose to men. Well, we’ve been doing that for decades already. But way, way back when it was always men doing the proposing, it was permissible on this one day for the ladies to do the asking. Regardless of who does the asking, February 29th would be a fun day to become engaged. We recently saw some gorgeous photos from Holly D.’s Photography as a newly engaged couple was photographed during a gentle, falling snow. And the Bigwood Event Center is such a beautiful place for wedding receptions. It’s nice that a hotel is connected so guests can celebrate, dance into the wee hours of the morning and call it a night without ever going outside.

At least twice in history there was also a February 30th. In the 1700s Sweden observed it…accidentally (how does that happen)? And Russia used it as a way to manipulate the calendar to a five-day week and every month into a 30 day month (yeah, that didn’t work either). For all things related to history in Otter Tail County we depend on the Otter Tail County Historical Society. Its library houses digital (and real) data – from frivolous ideas to amazing feats (like when Gus Comstock drank 85 cups of coffee in six hours one January day in 1927). The Museum just opened a new exhibit entitled “Go Team” which explores high school sports from Otter Tail County.

Speaking of sports, the hockey season is just about wrapped up. It’s been a good year in Fergus Falls and we appreciate the kids and families who travelled here to play (or cheer). A contest using #FFGameOn goes through this month. If you’re interested in participating (and winning) check out our web site. But hockey isn’t the only sport on ice that’s hot this year. Lake Alice is now open for ice skating (no hockey sticks, please). The City has it cleared, flooded and the warming house is open. For many in Fergus Falls this is a tradition they grew up with. But this is the first time since 2009 that the rink has been open – just another sign that all these kids and new families are bringing out the best in Fergus Falls.

Remember, it’s Leap YEAR – so you have many months to try something new. Maybe stand-up-paddelboarding, ice fishing, geocaching or sky-diving are on your bucket list. THIS would be a good year to do them. Maybe you’re reading this from a sunny and warm destination…just south of Fergus Falls (or a LOT south of Fergus Falls). If Leap Year in Fergus Falls isn’t for you, then it’s a perfect time to be dreaming of warm summer nights at the lake, visiting during Summerfest or having a family reunion here. Let us know how we can help make your Leap Year Plans a success.