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Collecting Travel "Stuff"

When I was a kid my dad traveled a lot for work. I don’t think they were very exotic places, but he always managed to come home with a big hug, a story and a little trinket to remind us of his trip. Souvenirs are a great way to remember a vacation. We have a refrigerator door covered with magnets from Mt. Rushmore, Disney World, the Corn Palace, Boulder and all sorts of places in between (including Australia and Italy from our adventure-seeking daughter). Our son has a wand from a visit to Hogwarts one summer – we don’t dare touch it, not even to dust! And our daughter has a “snow globe” with Belle inside wearing a yellow ball gown (from “Beauty and the Beast”).

What are your favorite things to bring home from a vacation? We know it’s not dirty laundry. Maybe sand in your suitcase? Jewelry? Stuffed animals? Stones and shells? Perhaps the best part of shopping for or gathering an item from a trip is thinking about a person to whom you will give it. Think about their taste, their home and space in which to keep new things.

A unique gift idea from Fergus Falls would be a food-themed gift. Who doesn’t love something special and delicious from another community? And since it’s consumable, once it’s home, it won’t take up much space. Whether it’s Terroir Chocolate (which would be delicious paired with coffee from Stumbeano’s ) or bread from Falls Baking Company, these tasty treats are certain crowd-pleasers. I think it’s nice to take a treat home for yourself – something to savor the week after vacation to remind you of the places, the people, and the experiences of the trip. We’re in the time of year here where honey extraction is taking place at Sundberg Apiaries. And of course we are FAR away from maple syrup making season (although it’s easy to find on shelves in specialty shops around town).

One local favorite is really not so great for making the trip home. That’s a sweet treat from City Bakery. Eat immediately! OMG they have so many types of donuts you could have a different one every day for a year. I’ve heard the new maple bacon one really IS delicious, although I haven’t tried it myself. The fantastic owners have been known to run onto the street in front of their store – and present a box of donuts to a random visitor driving through town. When was the last time you experienced a “Random Act of Donuts?” The surprise is nearly as amazing as the donuts themselves.

The hotels in Fergus Falls all have free postcards in their rooms. Consider writing about your trip here and mailing it back to yourself. Then you’ll have a memento AND mail when you get home. And of course pictures tell a great story of your vacation. Be sure to share them (and tag #FergusFalls) and even consider printing out a few of your favorites (maybe the one with the big Otter or something along the RiverWalk).

No matter what you choose to take home from your vacation, we hope your visit leaves you rested, refreshed and ready to return to your everyday activities and life.